1946: Italy is a defeated nation as it endeavours to rise again from its ruins.

The reconstruction industry begins to take its first steps, but there are still very few earth-moving machines: replacement parts are needed for loader buckets, but the original components only come from the United States.

Renzo Bonaccini’s farsighted initiative dates back to those times: using abandoned military material, he succeeded in making several good quality parts.

These were the products, available at low cost, with which he participated, in 1964, in the only trade fair of those times (Verona): it was the beginning of Officine Bonaccini.


… the progress of the company has been linked to technological evolution and dictated by the growing and increasingly sophisticated requirements of the market.

The company infrastructures were enhanced with the active participation of daughter Loredana and son Marco: today’s headquarters was built in the Seventies and has since been enlarged twice (1985 and 2008).

The modern business organization is due to Maria, the daughter of Marco, staff member since 1993: thus the present day corporate profile still reflects the family-style organization of its origins.

Officine Bonaccini has always stood out for careful choice of materials, targeted investments in technology, constant attention to market developments.
Only a few years after the company had been established, the management decided to invest in the first weldable wear plate, known as T1A HB321: a pioneering decision in the loader bucket repair world, still “faithful” to the usual C40 and C30.
The milestones reached during the last decades have included the important business agreements reached with two leading enterprises: SSAB for the supply of raw materials and MTG concerning the marketing of specific components.

On 18 September 2002, Officine Bonaccini became part of Hardox Wearparts, the international network of companies which manufacture finished products from Hardox tough steel wear plate (requirements: quality and use of SSAB-certified techniques).

As it continues to consolidate and implement its core business, Officine Bonaccini gives top priority to customer satisfaction: guaranteeing quality parts and accurate service is what adds to the value of Officine Bonaccini products.